The Givers and the Takers: The Wicked Club – Encounter 7

wickedsliderSpecial Event Time! Some members restrict their senses, Dorothy being one of them, and the rest take those individuals on a journey of sexual trust.

Tonight is a special night at the sex club. We’ve all signed up to join one of two different groups. There will be those who are willing to give up access to some of their senses and those who will be playing with those who are giving up their senses. The Givers and the Takers. I ride to the club with Drak.

I think you made the right choice,” he says. I’m in the passenger seat. My stomach is in knots, the good kind, because this is something I haven’t been a part of yet. This isn’t the usual night when you can come and go as you please. We have to be there by a specific time. No, they’ve arranged for something unique, something they haven’t done since I joined.

You think so?” I ask him.

I do. Remember that first conversation we had? The one where I asked you about what you liked?”

I nod. I remember it. I remember him that night, too. Him and Widow and me. “Yeah. What does that have to do with tonight?” I ask.

Well, you’re still pretty new. You’re still discovering things about yourself, about what you can do, and what can be done to you. Tonight’s all about that. It’s about giving yourself away, trusting those around you to love your body with the respect you deserve while opening you up to the amazing freedom of it. That make sense?”

I nod again, turning my head to watch out the window. We”ll be there soon.

What did you choose?” I ask.

He chuckles. “What do you think I chose?”

I turn back to him and smile. “You’re going to be one of those the rest of us are going to have to trust, aren’t you?”

You damn well better believe it. This vampire knows how to give.”

I laugh. He isn’t a cheesy vampire, his persona leaning towards the darker side of those nocturnal supernatural creatures. He plays up to it, too.

I’m just Dorothy. I’ve considered changing, finding something more appealing, wild, or unique, but I’ve already invested in the costume and Widow even modified it for me. My hands straighten out my skirt. It’s above my knees and my bodice is form fitting. I’ve only been wearing the new outfit for the last week but I’ve already noticed a difference in how I feel about myself. I feel sexier, more alive.

Stop fidgeting. You look hot, just like always.” Drak tells me. I know he feels as if he needs to keep reminding me. It’s sweet.

I know,” I answer.

Good answer,” he says.

We go back to silence for the rest of the drive. It doesn’t take long. Soon we’re pulling into the parking lot and it’s show time. The room looks exactly the same, they haven’t changed a thing. Not physically that is.

The cast, the members, the players, whatever we choose to call ourselves, have been divided into two groups. Each group stands at one side of the long, wide room. A few people I know wave at us as we enter. I smile and wave back. No one is naked. This is unusual because there are stages throughout the room and each stage usually has a list of people signed up to perform. Most of them strip in the closet before taking the stage. The rest get undressed at various times, depending on how their first sexual encounter goes.

A man dressed in a tux stands in the center just inside the entryway. I smile at him and he tilts his head, smiling back at me.

Giving or Taking?” He asks. He speaks with a British accent and he’s cute. Hollywood cute. Tussled hair, clean shaven, gorgeous smile. I grow damp between my legs as I look at him.

He repeats himself. “Giving or Taking tonight?”

Oh.. Taking,” I tell him, shaken from my instant infatuation.

His arm gestures to his right, my left. “If you’ll step over to that side of the room, please.” He doesn’t linger his gaze on me, which is disappointing. I know I’m sexy enough but he’s obviously a man devoted to his job or position. I can’t fault him for that. Following his directions I make my way around the various pieces of furniture to the Takers side of the room. Surprisingly most of those I would consider my closest friends are on the other side. Givers. Widow, Drak, Tommy (who’ll always be Bill to me), and Tarzan are there. So are all four of the women I played with awhile back. I smile, remembering that night. All of them at the same time. A strap on in my mouth, my ass, my pussy, and one woman who was all hands.

I shiver, stifling a moan. I’ll have to do something like that again soon.

A man puts his hand on the small of my back and leans forward, his mouth near my ear.

I’ve seen you before,” he tells me. His breath smells of bacon which I find oddly enticing. He’s older with green eyes and thinning hair. “I’m Inc,” he says, introducing himself. I arch a brow. He smiles and says in a suggestive tone, “I’m an Incubus.” Smiling, he steps up closer, pressing his body against mine. His fingers dance along my waistline. My heart quickens. He’s bold and I like that. I’m definitely interested in him. This just isn’t the time. We’re in the middle of an event so I can’t choose to have sex with him right now.

Dorothy,” I tell him. Tilting my head back and up our eyes meet. He’s looking down at me. His lips press to mine in the faintest of kisses before he pulls away.

We’ll meet again, Dorothy. I just wanted to make sure and introduce myself.” Then he’s gone, fading into the background. I can’t see him through the throng of people.

Someone else, someone in charge, steps in front of us. She’s wearing no clothes, just leather straps around various parts of her body. “I have some friends who will get all of you ready for tonight’s pleasures. If you will form four lines we’ll begin taking away your senses.” Stepping back she’s replaced with four others, all naked, but lacking the leather. Since I arrived later I’m near the front so I’m one of the first to be taken care of.

What senses would you like removed?” I’m asked.

I blink. I hadn’t thought of that. “What are my choices?”

The man chuckles, smiling at me. “Eyesight.” He raises a blindfold. “Taste and speaking.” He points at the various gags. “Touch.” He lifts a rope and gestures towards handcuffs and fabric strips. “Even hearing.” He sets down what’s in his hand and holds up earplugs.

Oh, wow,” I say.

Taking a deep breath I give everything a quick glance and make a decision. “Everything but the ears.”

A listener, huh?” He says. I nod, feeling a light blush rise on my cheeks. “Alright. Let’s get you fixed up.”

The first thing he does is put on my blindfold, tying it behind my head. It’s well padded. I can’t see a thing. “Comfortable?” He asks. I nod.

I’ve never worn a gag so when he puts one in my mouth I panic for a brief moment. The man shushes me, calmly telling me I’ll be okay. I believe him.

Can your clothes come off if your hands are tied?” He asks.

I nod. Those were some of the modifications Widow made to my outfit. Snaps and zippers in various places to allow for easier access and quicker removal. I said a silent thank you to that big, beautiful woman.

His hands take mine and he ties what feels like silk around my wrists, binding them together. After tugging them tight and giving every suppressive item one last check he pronounces me done. Someone else takes my arm, I have no idea who, and I’m led away. I want to ask where we’re going but I can’t. My mouth is full. Based on my internal direction I think we’re in the middle but off to the left but I could be wrong.

Already I’m beginning to hear sounds of sex filling the air. Moans, groans, pleas, and orders. When the hand disappears from my arm I’m left turning in circles. I can’t see. My heart is racing and I’m nervous.

A hand grabs the silk around my wrists and I’m once again my blind self is being led away. I move with small steps, cautiously trying to avoid running into anything or anyone. Luckily whoever has me keeps me safe. I’m pulled to a stop and tugged forward, past the individual.

Arms up,” I hear someone else, someone in front of me, say. The voice is male. I lift my arms. He takes them and after a few seconds I’m hooked, nearly hanging from the ceiling. Or from an apparatus or door frame. I’m not sure from what but I know I’m being stretched. At least I can be glad my feet still touch the floor. Hands reach out, I don’t know how many, and they remove my clothes. I hear snaps and feel tugging. I hear zippers and feel air touching my flesh. Soon I’m hanging naked before their eyes. I’m breathing heavily, my chest rising and falling rapidly. My nipples are hard pebbles and I can feel liquid already beginning to make its way down the inside of my thighs.

A hand touches my pussy and my body jerks, startled. I hear chuckling. The hand doesn’t move. Its fingers explore, wetting the digits as they slide through my folds. My body clenches and I spread my legs, encouraging him. Another set of hands grab my ass cheeks, giving each a harsh squeeze. After doing it three or four times those hands roam up my body to my neck. They grab my braided ponytails and tug my head back.

Whoever is in front of me shoves their finger into my entrance and I start to tremble. The other individual steps closer. It’s a man. I can feel his cock pressing against my ass.

Spread,” he tells me. I do it and the tip of him paints me from asshole to where the other man’s fingers are playing with me. He does it over and over again before he pulls away. I whimper around the gag. I want him back. The fingers are still thrusting in and out of me, having built up an internal fire. I want to be filled completely!

I hear a sound. It’s familiar but I don’t recognize what it represents until I feel the man at my back inserting lubricated fingers into my anus. My body writhes under the attention causing the person in front to step closer. I hear a chuckle. Now I’m pretty sure it’s a man. Those fingers behind ram in and out hard and fast and I move with them, meeting each thrust.

I’m lost in it.

Then it’s gone and he’s replacing his fingers with his cock. Thick and hard he pushes it in. I want to scream. His fingers spread my ass cheeks as his friend holds me in place with his hand between my legs. I can’t see but I’m delirious. Once he’s in me from behind I can’t hold it in any longer. I climax, tightening around both of them as I spray my come all over the hand inside me.

But they don’t stop. I’m sensitive, tender, and they keep going. I whimper, my body twisting and moving, fighting the pleasurable torture it’s receiving. I’m angled backwards, being taken from behind and after awhile I’m numb. Not too numb, though, because I feel his orgasm hit, his hot semen shooting into my depths. It touches a nerve and I begin to shake. The man in front of me takes that as his cue and pulls his fingers out of me. He waits until the man behind me slips his dick out before lifting my legs and wrapping them around his waist.

His cock slides into my tender pussy and he holds it there. The man behind me isn’t gone. He moves forward, acting like a wall, as his accomplice slowly begins to fuck me.

In and out he thrusts, gathering speed until we’re bouncing together. He’s grunting, all the while being verbally encouraged by the man behind me.

Fuck her. Take her. Yeah. There you go. Give it to her.”

Overwhelmed, I come again. I cry out around the gag, tears falling. My body spasms as he continues to pound into me. It feels so good! When he finally releases, overflowing my pussy, I’m held there between them. Us three. Goosebumps riddle my skin and I’m covered in sweat. Their come is dribbling out of my body. I want to say thank you but I can’t. I’m still gagged.

When they pull away I’m left hanging there. The night is far from over and I know that soon someone else will take the place of those men. Maybe I’ll be moved somewhere else in the room. Maybe it’ll be a woman this time. I have no way of knowing what’s coming and that is the point of the event.

I take slow, deep breaths and wait for my next lover to come find me.

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