First Glimpse: Snippets & Excerpts #1


Amelia shares an excerpt, as well as a snippet, from her work. This new blog series is meant to tease your taste buds and offer you a glimpse into how and what she writes.

I’m going to try and do this every two weeks. I’d do it every week but I don’t think that’s wise. I wouldn’t want to give away too much, now would I? I’ll make sure, within each post, they are pulled from different stories..

So… wet your appetites, take a nibble, and enjoy the turn-on!


ad-latenight01Exceprt from Lust & Blood: Volume 1 – Late Night Domination

Available on Amazon for $.99 or #FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The more we walked the less I focused on my ruined night and the more time I spent trying to figure out the man beside me. The trip to the garage seemed to stretch longer than it should but I didn’t care, caught up in the puzzle I was trying to solve. We walked slowly, time warping around us, as if we were no longer a part of the world but outside of it. Of course, one could say I was intoxicated, feeling the affects of too much drink, except I didn’t drink. Except for wine. I like a good wine now and again. Especially on lonely nights. The second rule of one night stands kept me sober. Staying sober kept me in control of myself and the situation. Choosing men who were not inebriated, too far gone to make rational decisions, assured me they would not forget me.

Tonight, though, it felt as if I were tipsy, a fog clouding my thoughts. Without Julian’s guidance I might have never found the Hyundai.

He guided me to the driver-side door where I turned to thank him. As I did so, everything fell back into place. Time caught up with itself and the foggy, drunk feeling vanished. I shook my head, clearing away the mental cobwebs, and took a deep breath.

Now that I could think clearly again, I took the opportunity to examine him a bit closer. His skin was pale, his lips a few shades darker. His hair did not move, staying in place of its own accord, free of any product. His suit was tailored, accentuating his athletic form, and even his sunglasses were expensive.

Yep, he looked out of place.

Are you feeling better?” He said, stepping closer and putting his hand on my waist. I stepped backwards and was met with the cold metal of the car door.

Yes,” I said. “Thanks.” His fingers lingered on my side. Between my legs, the heat spread. I adjusted my stance, spreading my legs a little, then leaned into him, pressing my lips to his cheek in a soft kiss.

How can I repay you?” I asked in a breathy whisper.

He smiled and a shiver ran down my spine. As much as I wanted to end this night in the throes of passion, half of me wanted to fuck and half wanted to run. This left my body succumbing to both needs, twitching as his fingers danced along my waistline. I nodded, the little flutter in my pussy announcing itself. Yep, now I was aching. Having been denied throughout the night I found this man to be far and above the standard I kept when choosing my sexual partners. Shifting, I took a deep breath, making sure to leverage my cleavage.

Be careful what you ask for, Christina,” said Julian. “You may get more than you bargained for.”


ad-rendezvousSnippet from Alien Rendezvous: Volume 1 – First Touch

Available on Amazon for $.99 or #FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

You really do mean me, don’t you?” I asked, though the question was asked more to myself than to anyone else. I knew they meant me. It was obvious. Standing there, under their scrutiny, I lost myself for a few seconds. There were so many questions and there were no protocols. They wanted an answer now. They wanted a subject now.

You,” said M’ak, stepping towards me. Two of his six fingers touched my arm and I jumped. I didn’t mean to, the reaction involuntary. It felt familiar, like static jumping from his skin to mine, except that the electricity was more livid, more alive, running rampant from the point of contact up my arm and down my spine.

Sorry,” I said, probably a bit too loudly. “I didn’t mean to. I just didn’t expect that,” I tried to explain. My heart raced, fire spreading from the center of my spine and out to the tips of my limbs. Shaking my arms in the hopes of removing the numbness and tingling, I found I could not stand still. That simple touch had altered the state of my body and mind, in the same way a Monster or 5-hour Energy would if it was multiplied tenfold.





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