Dorothy and Widow Take the Stage: The Wicked Club -Encounter 6


Widow, a big beautiful woman, and Dorothy are performing together on stage at the sex club. Expect sucking, licking, and fingering.

It’s been a few days since I’ve been to the club. I was sick this last week so I chose to stay home, out of respect for everyone else. Being sick doesn’t take away your libido. I’ve been horny, aching, each and every day. Of course I’ve masturbated, when I felt like it, but that’s not the same. There’s no rush, no added pleasure. I’ve come to rely on the club and what I do there, on who I do there.

I add the finishing touches to my braids, the last of the details that mark me as Dorothy, and check out myself in the mirror. Perfect. The costume, modified by Widow to be more form fitting, looks great.

You like it, don’t you?” She asks, walking into the bedroom. She’s my ride tonight.

She’s also going to be my partner up on stage. Once again she’s talked me into putting on a performance. This time, however, she wants to be a part of it.

Of course,” I tell her.

You won’t be wearing it beyond the closet,” she reminds me.

Oh.. yeah. Duh.” I do a twirl, watching the very short skirt swirl with me. “I’ll just have to enjoy it next time.”

If it’s any consolation you look very sexy.” She sits on the edge of my bed and wiggles her finger at me, urging me to go to her. Smiling I chuckle. I know what happens when I get too close to her. We make out. Lips. Tongues. Hands. Her breasts are huge and delicious. She’s a big, beautiful woman and I can’t seem to get enough of her. The same can be said of her for me. Not that we don’t have other lovers. I mean, we attend the same sex party multiple times a week. It’s not often we’re in the same group or pair. We just love to have sex outside of the party.

It helps that she’s an erotica writer who has had a zillion partners and experiences she can regale me with. I love listening to her as she tells me about this man or that woman, or this group, or this kinky thing she did.

I probably shouldn’t,” I tell her.

She offers me her most seductive pouty face. I laugh. “Because of that! If I get close I’m going to want to touch and be touched and I think we should save that for the stage tonight, don’t you?”

I’m already wet and horny.” She grabs her boobs, the large mounds barely held captive by her tight black costume, and jiggles them. “Don’t you want a quick suck on one of these?”

I watch her, my crotch getting wetter the more she talks. Licking my lips I take a deep breath. “Do you even know what you do to me?” I ask her, taking a few steps towards her.

Yes,” she says, grinning. “Very much so.”

Reaching out her hands I let her take mine and pull me the rest of the way. I stand between her legs, pressed between her large thighs. I want to trace my fingers along them, to squeeze and nip at them.

Just kiss me, girl,” she says. I lean forward, my lips finding hers. One taste and it’s like lightning down my spine.

God,” I mumble into the kiss.

Mmhmm,” she says, wrapping her arms around me. Her hands grab my ass cheeks, squeezing as she pulls me closer to her. My arms go around her neck as we share an intimate, long lasting kiss. When I finally gather enough strength to pull away I leave her with a lick across her bottom lip.

See,” I tell her, stepping out of the embrace and reluctantly letting go. “You’re so damn attractive I can’t say no.”

She laughs, standing up. “I know. That’s why we’re so hot together, why we’ll command the stage. Everyone will be looking at us. Especially when I get you to screaming.”

I shake my head. “Come on,” I say. “Let’s get over there before you have me coming early.”

Widow blows me a kiss and together we leave my apartment and make the drive to the secret sex club, its awesomeness hidden behind a crappy motel exterior. Funded by the rich, and attended by invite only, it’s the most elite thing that goes on in this college town. I’m thankful every day that I have a friend who scored me an invite months ago. I can’t imagine my life without it or the friends I’ve made. Like Widow.

We deposit our clothes and miscellaneous items in the closet, the room set aside for that purpose, then walk, naked, to our waiting stage. She signed us up for this two weeks ago. She’d done it without including me in the decision but I quickly forgave her as the idea of it got me excited. She’d counted on that, already knowing how I think.

As requested they’ve put a couple fluffy pillows on our stage. It’s clean, ready, and waiting. We climb the steps and I look around the room. There are plenty of eyes already looking our way. Most don’t focus on us because there are multiple stages. There are also a ton of men and women in the middle of anything and everything sex related. For a moment I get distracted, voyeurism one of my turn-ons.

Widow lowers herself to the floor then reaches out and slides her hand up my inner thigh. I jump and she laughs when I step away, turning around to look at her with wide eyes.

Come here,” she says. My heart is racing for many different reasons now. After taking a few deep breaths I walk towards her. She’s supposed to be my focus tonight, or at least until our show is over. When I’m close enough she smiles up at me and reaches out, once again running her hand up my inner thigh. I spread my legs wider and she begins lightly stroking my folds from clitoris to entry hole. I’m dripping wet, my juices already coating her hand. I reach down and entwine my fingers in her shoulder length hair, tugging lightly.

Her free hand finds my ankle and maneuvers my leg so that my foot is pressed close to her sex. She spreads herself and pulls my foot forward. I almost lose my balance but end up staying upright thanks to my hold on her hair. I wiggle my toes and she lets out a quiet moan. They’re immersed in her folds, wet and eager to play. This is something I haven’t done before but I like it. The hand she has playing with me becomes more bold. Two fingers shove into me while her thumb plays with my nub.

I tremble, letting out a loud moan, my foot still while my toes curl. I can’t do anything to her while she’s doing this to me.

There you go,” she says. “Moan for me.” Ramming fiercely into me over and over I do just that. I’m moaning and whimpering, my body trembling. My hips rock back and forth and I think I’m about to come when she stops. Her hand, soaked with my juices, finds my hip and holds on as she leans forward.

Now it’s her tongue licking and tasting me, making slurping noises as she drinks my constantly flowing juices.

Oh my… oh…. Yes… yes…” I’m crying out and just about to release when she stops and sits back up. There’s an evil and ornery look on her face. I stand there, panting, a pleading look on my face.

Ride my face, sexy thing,” she says and lays back, her head on one of the pillows.

Blinking, I gather myself, my heart beating so fast it’s almost painful. I lower myself down till I’m sitting on her large stomach and then crawl forward. I love the feeling of my pussy sliding over her flesh, over the thick layer she has on her body. I climb over her boobs and she grabs my legs as I straddle her face.

Licking and sucking, she eats me out. I don’t have to look at anyone else. I’m caught in the moment with this beautiful woman. Every few minutes she taps my leg and I rise, letting her breath for a few seconds before she pulls me down and she’s once again enthusiastically enjoying her meal. One of my hands finds her hair again. I love tugging on it. The other goes back and forth groping first one of my breasts and then the other.

I lift myself up, letting her breath again, and look down at her face. I’m coated with sweat and she’s coated with me. She’s smiling like she knows a secret. Then she’s diving in again and I’m crying out her name as I’m climaxing, her tongue trying to lap up every drop. I’ve got her head in a vice and she doesn’t come up for air until I’ve given her everything I have. Then she’s gasping and licking her lips.

I slip off of her and kiss her lips, licking some of my juices off her face. She wraps me in her arms and we kiss just as we did at my apartment. Hungrily. Intently. Passionately.

When we separate she grabs one of her breasts and holds it up to me. “Suckle?”

I smile and lower my mouth to her nipple, taking it in. Now it’s her turn to moan. I roll it between my teeth, feeling her arch up towards me. My tongue flicks the tip and then, without warning, I’ve got it fully in my mouth and I’m suckling at her tit like a starving animal. She’s far more than a mouthful but I love the way it feels trying to take in as much as I can. I’m noisy and so is she as I slide my hand down over her big belly, making small pinches as I do. She tenses and twitches each time I do it and I get wet again listening to her sharp inhales of surprise.

My hand flows down into her sex and now it’s my turn to finger her. Her hand comes up, holding my head down into her breast. I have no idea what her free hand is doing because my eyes are closed. I’m giving her every second, every touch and movement right now, as she rightly deserves.

I put two fingers into her, hook them, and begin to thrust them in and out.

Harder,” she says. I oblige her, moving with as much force as I can muster. She spreads her legs, giving me more room. I go deeper, adding a third finger. “Like that,” she tells me. I lift my head and smile at her. Her face is contorted as she reacts to what I’m doing to her. Reaching out I slide my hand down along her cheek. She turns into the caress, whimpering. Her eyes open and she looks at me. I slide a finger along her mouth. The gesture is slow and simple compared to what I’m doing to her pussy. Opening her mouth she takes in the finger and begins to suck on it.

I lay my head on her stomach, feeling the rise and fall of it as she’s pleasured. One of her hands finds my thigh and stays there, gripping tightly. Her other hand grabs my wrist and soon she’s making out with my hand. Her tongue traces my fingers up and down, seductively licking at the curve of flesh between them. Even her teeth take a turn, slowly sliding up each one.

It’s hard to keep my mind from what she’s doing to me but with effort I do so. A second orgasm rips through my body, spilling my juices out all over the stage, I shove in a forth finger and finger fuck her for all that I’m worth, using that as a single focus for the intense sensations overcoming me.

When her climax hits she cries out, pulling my hand free of her mouth and pressing it to her chest. Her legs shove themselves together, trapping my other hand. She’s got powerful thighs and there’s some pain but that only adds to the pleasure. She keeps me prisoner until she’s expended herself. When she frees my hand, dropping her legs, I lift my head and scoot up next to her. Holding myself up on one arm I smile down at her.

You done?” I ask her.

Are you?” She asks in return.

I run the edge of my hand along her sweaty brow. “Are we ever really done?”

Licking her lips she laughs. Her laugh is contagious. It’s deep and full. She’s more sure of herself than any woman, anyone, I’ve ever met. When she laughs she means it.

I laugh, too, as she takes my hand and kisses the palm.

We’ve both climaxed. You’re one up on me already. The question is do you have another inside you?” She’s smiling up at me, a sparkle in her eyes. “We’ve got this stage as long as we need but we don’t have to stay on it. We can take a break and continue somewhere else or go do some other fucking with other people.”

She kisses my palm again, this time adding in a lick and a quick suck. I blink.

It’s up to you,” she says.

I glance down at her breasts, taking one in my free hand. “You like to hear me scream, right? Well I like to hear you moan and feel you trembling underneath me.” I pinch her nipple. “Think you can handle some more fun? Get on your knees and let me ram my fingers into you again?”

She loves her dirty phrases, naughty words, and erotic descriptions. It’s her job, after all.

I can handle anything you want to throw at me. Can you handle it if I do it back? If, after I’ve covered your hand in my nectar, I lay you down and climb on top of you?”

I shiver. Her weight on top of me gives me this exotic, held down feel. It’s one of my favorite things about her.

Will you beg me to spread your legs, lift you up, and shove my thumb into your ass? Will you then climb on top of me, lay on my stomach while you eat me out and I hold onto your thighs? Can yo do that?”

There are people nearby. I can feel them. I can hear them. They like the sound of what they’re hearing. I do, too.

Yes,” I tell her. My voice is husky and full of need. “Now get to your knees.”

They were definitely getting a show tonight!



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