Wishing You a Happy Independence Day!

holidaysliderAmelia Black wishes everyone a wonderful Independence Day, a day full of memories, family, and friends!  She also recommends a pair of Holiday Encounters!

It’s getting late in the day but for most of us in the United States the fireworks have yet to be lit. I’d like to take a moment to wish you all the very best. No matter our differences lets come together today and smile, lets be thankful. Celebrate. Find the good things to talk about. Save complaining, bickering, and blaming for tomorrow or the next. Be with your families and friends. If you want to be alone then do it with gusto.

All that being said here’s a shameless plug.

If you find yourself with some free time and want a pick me up – especially if you’d like to spark some fireworks below your belt – then check out my 4th of July Holiday Encounter quickies.

The night before they head to the farm for the family 4th of July barbecue and fireworks Clark sets up an elaborately planned night of sex with his girlfriend, Sarah. He’s got mirrors, rope, beads, and even a sex video.

If that isn’t enough to make your panties wet, once at the farm they find themselves a place in the woods out back of the house and have another party all their own.

You can read them here on this site: Sarah Swallows and Sarah Strokes!

Or you can pick them up on Amazon so you have your very own copy.

2 in 1!

$.99 or FREE on KU.

Be safe!


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