From Wheelchair to Pool: Sensations #9


A woman plans an anniversary surprise for her boyfriend, a wounded veteran in a wheelchair. It involves sex and a pool.

My boyfriend is a soldier. I’d say was but even when you leave active duty you’re still a soldier. It still stays with you. He was wounded a year ago and his legs were damaged. That means he’s mostly confined to a wheelchair. He’s still going through therapy and probably will be for the rest of his life. It’s a daily adventure, one often fraught with pain, frustration, anger and despair. His life isn’t easy.

But he has me.

And I have him.

I think it would be harder if his sexual parts didn’t work. That was one of his fears when they were discussing his recovery and recuperation. He was afraid he couldn’t be the right kind of lover for me. I was afraid he’d leave me, or push me away. I love him more than life itself. I would have stayed no matter what, no matter how hard, no matter how things might have changed. I still pray he knows and believes that.

Unlike so many others wounded in the course of serving our country his injuries didn’t affect what he could do in the bedroom. Other than being able to move his legs. It’s something about his nerve endings, about damaged bones that are still trying to recover properly. He continues to have surgeries and I have no idea when enough will be enough.

Our anniversary is tomorrow and I have a big day planned.

I also have a wild night planned.

The former revolves around our friends and family, a large party to celebrate. The night, on the other hand, is about us. It’s about he and I and all we’ve survived. I’m hoping he’ll love it.

I’m barely able to fall asleep, my mind so full of hope and expectation. Sleep eventually claims me, though, and I awake to the alarm refreshed and ready to go.

You awake?” I stand beside our big four poster bed, a gift from my parents three years ago. “Joe, you awake?”

Groggily he stretches, opens his eyes, and smiles at me. I smile back. He’s got one of those boyish grins, the kind that never seems to age with the rest of the body. His hair is a mess. Out of the military he’s let it grow long. I love it. Sometimes he even lets me braid it. When no one’s over and we’re not expecting company. He doesn’t know I’ve captured the occasional picture. I’m not going to tell him, either.

Wanna get up? I’ve got breakfast going. Pancakes and lots of bacon,” I tell him.

Using his arms, and the railing we’ve attached to the wall above the bed, he pulls his body upright. “You had me at bacon,” he says. I chuckle.

Don’t I know it. I swear that’s all you eat.” I maneuver his wheelchair close to his side of the bed. There’s no side table which makes it much easier to do. With a little help from me, but mostly using his own upper body strength, he maneuvers into the chair.

After we get through the morning rituals we’re finally at the table. The sun is up, shining with full force in through the bay window. I glance at the pool and smile.

Kay? You look like you know something I don’t,” says Joe.

I chuckle and enthusiastically cut up my pancakes. “I don’t know a thing.”

Uh huh. You’re not the best secret keeper. You never have been,” he says.

Unlocking his wheels he parks himself in front of me, trapping me. I keep grinning, not looking up. He’s right. I don’t keep secrets well.

He leans forward and takes my hand. Pulling it to his mouth he kisses my fingertips, one by one. I writhe under his attention. It’s erotic and he knows it’s my weakness. Little nibbles to my palm and I’m tugging, trying to break loose.

Dammit, Joe,” I say, my face flushed as I feel my libido kicking in.

Tell me then, woman, and I’ll cease my torture,” he tells me.


He stops pleasuring my hand with his mouth, lowering my hand but not letting go.

I’ve got a surprise for you,” I tell him.

An anniversary party,” he answers.

What? How’d you know? I’ve been really good and haven’t said a single word,” I cry out.

He laughs and squeezes my hand. “Toby told me. He didn’t want me to be surprised. Just in case. So don’t worry. It wasn’t you. And since it’s today and I’d have to know anyway if I want to make sure I’m ready you’ve succeeded at keeping the secret.”

I shake my head. “I really wanted to surprise you,” I tell him.

He takes my other hand and lifts both of them, kissing their palms. “I know but soldiers don’t always like surprises.”

Our eyes meet, the gaze holding as we share silently the significance of that statement. Finally I nod. “Okay.” After a short pause I nudge his chair. “Move it. I’ve got to start getting around. Everyone will be showing up later this afternoon but I’ve got a lot of decorating to do and food to prepare.”

He backs up. “You didn’t cater?”

I shake my head. “Saving money.”

He nods. “Then I’ll get out of your hair. I can have my Mom take me to therapy if that’ll make things easier for you,” he tells me.

I stand and set about cleaning up the breakfast dishes. “That’d be great,” I tell him.

We share a kiss and he goes about his day. He’s working on a novel so he spends most days in his office. It’s a weekend so I’m off. I spend all day making sure all my plans are put in place. I want everything to be perfect. When he gets back from therapy he takes an hour to himself. He needs that time alone to recoup, to gather his wits, and recover from the pain. Physically and emotionally. When the timer goes off and his hour is over I open the door to his office and walk in. I’m wearing a ribbon wrapped around my chest, a bow smack dab in the middle of my breasts, and nothing else.

Happy Anniversary,” I tell him.

He laughs and wheels around his desk. “Well, well. Happy Anniversary to me.” I roll my eyes and shake my head, sashaying over towards him. He pats his lap. “Climb up here lovely lady,” he says.

I climb up, rubbing my ass against the bulge in his pants. “Like that, do you?” I ask, taking his face in my hands and kissing him.

Definitely,” he says. Reaching up he pops the bow loose and the ribbon drops, leaving me completely exposed.

My nipples are hard and I’m wet. We’re both horny. “Company will be here in an hour,” I tell him.

That’s an hour that’s all ours,” he says.

I grind on him again and he groans, wrapping his arms around me, and pulling me close. “I want you so badly, woman,” he tells me.

Smiling, I lick my lips. I’m aching, too. But it’s not the right time. Right now this is all a tease, setting him up for later.

Not yet,” I tell him, turning so I can kiss him on the lips. I put all the passion I have into that kiss and it’s possible our lips come away bruised because of it.

Then you better get out of here and leave me alone, evil temptress, because if you don’t I’m going to come right here, right now.”

I blink. “Really?”

Yes.” He grabs my ass, giving the cheeks a tight squeeze as I slip off of him. “You don’t know how much my body craves you.”

I smile. “I might know a little.”

I doubt it,” he says. “Now go so I can let my blue balls fade before everyone starts showing up.”

Taking a bow I jog out of the room, laughing all the while. I have every intention of making up for my orneriness in due time.

I slip into a sundress, tie up my hair, and I’m good to go. Everything is ready when everyone shows up. Joe’s Dad helps him get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. His scars are visible but Joe’s not self-conscious about them. Our friends and family treat Joe like Joe. They know he’s got them, they know why, but they’re just a part of who he is now. Nothing more and nothing less.

The food is good. Joe mans one of the grills, one we’ve modified for the height of his chair. He’s always in charge of the chicken. Everyone has fun. We keep the music up loud but not loud enough to piss off the neighbors. No cops are called. It’s late when everyone leaves, full and smiling. We’re saving the presents for later, all of them on a table inside the house. After saying goodbye to the last person I turn to Joe and smile.

You have fun?” I ask.

Of course,” he says.

Ready for one more present?”

I haven’t had one yet. They’re all inside, remember,” he reminds me.

Don’t be a smart ass,” I say, chuckling. “I’m being serious. You ready?”

Sure. Yes. I’m ready.”

Good.” I march over and grab his chair, wheeling him over to the pool. Near the steps I kneel down, taking his hand.

You trust me?” I ask.

Of course,” he says, giving my hand a squeeze. “Always.”

Then we’re going to get in the pool.”

His head tilts and he looks at me questioningly. “You can’t lift me, Kay,” he says.

I know,” I tell him. “But I won’t have to. We’re going to get in the pool and spend some time on this end. If you look,” I point, “there’s a ramp. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it already.” He looks and tears sparkle in his eyes. “There’s a railing so you can pull yourself along it. Once we’re done we’ll sleep out here under the stars. Buck naked cuddled up together.” I take a deep breath and look at him, as serious an expression on my face as I can possible show. “If you’re not okay with this just say so.”

I love you, woman. Now let’s get in the pool.”

I laugh, standing and moving him over to the pool’s edge and then right on in. I’ve already asked permission to do that, making sure his chair can get wet. I’ve been told it’s okay. Joe floats out, grabbing onto the provided railing. I put his chair off to the side of the patio then pull off my sundress and follow him in. I make my way over to him, the water warm after being heated by the sun’s rays all day. He wraps his arms around me and plants a kiss on my forehead. “This is sweet. Best gift ever.”

Really?” I ask.

Really,” he says.

It only takes seconds for the earlier desire to kick back in. We’re both ready for sex. I can feel his cock pressing against me. I reach under the water and pull his shorts down, letting them float away. I do the same with my own underwear, my bra, and his shirt. Soon we’re both naked. I’ve turned the patio lights on dim so even if we didn’t have a privacy fence there would be little for the neighbors to see. Or so I tell myself.

I take his dick in hand, jerking on it a few times.

God, woman..”

I smile and tug on his hand, steering him farther up onto the ramp. Still mostly under the water I wait until he’s able to lay down and keep from drowning to mount him. I straddle him and he lifts me, his arms strong and the water helping me. Slowly he lowers me down onto his throbbing hardness and I nearly squeal it feels so good. I press myself down, making sure to take in every inch, before I start to ride him.

He takes hold of my calves as I move up and down, sheathing him over and over inside of my eager pussy. My hair is only wet on the ends and as I tilt my head forward I let those strands paint his face. One hand comes up, grabbing a breast and squeezing. I moan and keep on moaning as my body rises to its climax. I can’t move once I’m spilling out around him and that’s okay because he’s coming, too, buried inside me.

We’re going to have to drain the pool,” I say.

I think you just did,” he says, chuckling.

I laugh, my breath ragged and my heart racing.

Happy Anniversary,” I tell him.

Back at you, Sweetheart.”

I lower my head and kiss him gently, no longer ruled by intense lust. Now it’s tenderness I want. For now.

We have all night,” I tell him.

I know,” he says. “Give me just a little bit and we’ll do this again. Then again. And if we can maybe a fourth time.”

You think you can do that?” I ask.

I can and will, if only to try and show you just how much I cherish your body.”

Just my body?”

You, woman. Every bit of you.”

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