Sarah Strokes: Another 4th of July Holiday Encounter


During the fireworks show on the family farm, Sarah teases Clark. Then, later, she makes demands as they have sex in the backyard.

After a long night of toys, Mia, bondage, and other sexual fun Clark and I rise to a new day filled with new responsibilities. It’s the Fourth of July and, like with most holidays requiring family gatherings, we are headed to his family’s farm. We wake up late which leaves us no time for a quickie before racing out the door. Thankfully I made sure we were all packed before climbing into bed.

Once we arrive we spend the day playing games, eating the obligatory barbecue, and making small talk with his family. My parents are deceased and I have no siblings. No extended family, either, which makes this place a home and these people my family. It certainly took a lot for me to get accustomed to the hustle and bustle but now I feel quite comfortable, like I’m one of them.

We’re going to camp out tonight, too,” I tell the ladies who are in the kitchen with me. A family focused on tradition it’s the women who do most of the cooking and cleaning up. I’m standing at the sink, elbow deep in sudsy water, in the middle of washing the dinner dishes.

Oh really?” Asks Clark’s sister-in-law, Meg. “That sounds like fun. The kids will be in the front yard so I’m guessing you two will head in the opposite direction?” Her grin and accompanying wink make me blush.

Probably,” I tell her.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Clark’s Mom shake her head. I’d think she was disappointed or judging the implication of Meg’s statement if I didn’t see the corner of her lips turn up in a smile.

Do you need a tent? We have some extras,” says Sandy, his mom.

I shake my head. “Thanks, but it’s so nice out there he says we’re going to rough it with just sleeping bags,” I tell her.

I turn and smile over at her. She nods. “Sounds good. We’ll expect you up here for breakfast first thing in the morning. So don’t stay up too late.” The last sentence causes me to exchange a glance with Meg, who stifles back a giggle. Grinning, I finish up the dishes.

Once the last dish is on the drying rack and the sink is emptied we all head outside for the fireworks. While we were busy in the house everyone else was outside getting everything ready. The farm has a huge front yard and it’s the perfect place, once a huge square board is put down, to set off fireworks. I look around for Clark, finding him sitting on a large log off to one side. He waves me over then pats the log. “Care to join me?” He asks.

Sure. Though I’d rather sit on the ground.” I fold and lay out one of the blankets I grabbed from the car and sit down. I pat next to me. “Join me?”

Clark chuckles and plants himself down next to me. He wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me to him. I snuggle down, spreading the second blanket over our legs.

Leaning down he whispers. “It’s not going to be cold tonight. Are you sure we need a blanket?”

I finish spreading it out then slip my hand under and between his legs. Putting my hand between his legs I give his yet to rise cock a squeeze. Inhaling sharply his eyes open wide.

Yes, I’m sure,” I tell him.

Turning my head I whisper, “I’m going to play with you right here and right now. Don’t let anyone see. We don’t want to get in trouble with your parents.”

He gulps as I settle into position. Leaning towards and half lying on him seems to offer the best angle.

You going to help light them this year?” Asks his brother.

Clark shakes his head, taking a moment to swallow over the lump in his throat. I can feel his body tense as I gently massage his growing bulge. “Nope. Going to snuggle with my girlfriend.”

Alright. Suit yourself,” says Dale, wandering off into the darkness. It’s partially cloudy so the moon isn’t providing near as much light as it could be. Which works quite well for us.

There are children around and I don’t know if any of them will run this way so I don’t dare pull his cock out but that doesn’t stop me from rubbing, squeezing, massaging, and molding his dick from outside of his jeans. At first I move slowly, barely tracing a pattern with my fingertips. Then I get more enthusiastic. I swear it’s like stiffening playdough and I can’t help but giggle as he fights back his groans. I have him right where I want him. Sure, I love it when he’s in charge but the fact that he lets me take my turn, too, is sweet.

I continue to play with him as one by one the fireworks are lit. They’re beautiful and I do my best to pay attention but it’s hard when your boyfriend is gasping right next to you. Finally, when the last of the fireworks are done, the kids are put to bed. Everyone else is busy doing some basic cleanup, everything that can’t wait until tomorrow. We stand and I watch as Clark does his best to walk, to act like his body isn’t aching to give me a good fucking. I bite my lower lip and smile.

I love that man.

When we’ve done our obligatory chores we wave and say goodnight, grabbing the sleeping gear he put on the porch earlier and heading down a path that winds back behind the farmhouse. I don’t want to be too near, don’t want to risk them hearing what I’ve got planned.

How about right here?” Clark asks at one point.

I stop, put my hands on my hips, and shake my head. “Nope. Further,” I tell him. In the light of the flashlight he’s carrying I see him shrug.

Alright,” he says. We walk another five or ten minutes before he asks again. I step forward and take the flashlight from him, shining it off the path.

This’ll do,” I say. Together we clear away stray sticks and rocks, making sure we have a flat place to lay our bedding. I unroll and unzip the sleeping bag, opening it wide and laying it down. I’ve brought a sheet and thin blanket so we don’t have to actually use the bag the usual way. We can just make a bed. He’s got the pillows and tosses them down.

Comfy,” I say.

Yep,” he says back. When he starts to lower himself down I raise a hand, step forward, and say, “Stop.”

Why?” He asks, freezing in place for a second before standing back up.

Because it’s my turn,” I tell him.

Your turn?” His head tilts and he looks at me with a quizzical expression on his face.

I smile. “My turn.” Stepping around the makeshift bed I move to stand before him. He’s got the flashlight angled up between us. I take it from him and toss it onto one of the pillows. The top half of our bodies descend into near darkness. Reaching out I grab him between the legs once more, squeezing. “Yes. My turn. Haven’t you noticed that every holiday you’re in control and then later I am?”

It’s quiet, the sounds of nature sleeping the background noise. He’s thinking and I let him. Finally he reaches out and puts his hands on my waist. “I guess so. I’ve never thought about it, really,” he says.

I have,” I tell him, letting his cock go. “So it’s my turn.”

Alright. What would you have me do, Mistress of the Night.” He chuckles and I laugh.

Our voices break through the stillness and I wonder if we’re as loud as we sound. I lower my voice to near a whisper and reach up. My grip on the collar of his shirt pulls him down so I can plant a seductive kiss on his lips. For a moment we just kiss. Our lips are locked, tongues playing tag, while heat begins to spread through my body. I’ve been playing with him but nothing has been done to me. It’s time to change that.

When I pull myself away from him I bend over and grab the hem of my sundress, pulling it over my head and dropping it to the ground. My chest is already heaving, my nipples pert and hard within my bra. The scent of my sex wafts up, free from its confines. I inhale slowly, savoring it.

You’re so hot. Even when I can’t see most of you very well,” Clark says.

I smile and reach back, unhooking my bra and letting it fall. “The sexiest thing around,” I say, smiling. Next go my panties and sandals. Finally I’m naked before him. It’s warm but I feel goosebumps rising on my skin. There’s that little bit of fear that we’ll be caught, that someone, a child maybe, will decide to sneak out for a peek at what we’re doing. That offers up a bit more anxiety and at the same time heightens the experience.

Take your clothes off,” I demand.

Yes, Mistress.” He pulls his shirt over his head and drops it on top of mine. Next his shoes, pants, and boxers. Glancing down I see he’s keeping his socks on. That makes me chuckle. He follows my gaze then reaches down to take them off.

Wait,” I tell him. “Leave them on. It’s cute.”

He stands back up. “Okay. Now what do you want me to do?” He asks. Clark’s cock is hard, thick, and even from where I am I can see it throbbing. I’ve got him plenty turned on.

I step over to him, making sure the tip of him paints my body as it twitches and jerks, moving up and down as he breaths. “I don’t have any toys. I don’t have anything extra tonight. What I want is you to take me from behind. I want you to do it as quietly as you can. Before you shove that thick cock into me I want you to use your fingers, thrusting them in and out of me until I’m ready to burst. But I won’t. Not yet. I’m going to hold it in as long as I can. You can’t come until I do and I’m going to make you wait for it. Once you’re fucking me from behind, thrusting in and out of me, I want you to reach around and play with me. One hand squeezing a breast and another down below fingering my little nub. I want you to pleasure all my senses while we’re up on our knees in your parent’s backyard.” I shiver. I’m not usually so forward, so bold. I like it, though. There’s a sense of freedom and power in telling him exactly what I want.

Yes,” he says. “I can do that.”

Good,” I tell him before lowering myself to the blanket and taking up my position on all fours. I spread my legs. He doesn’t make me wait. It’s only a few seconds before he’s joined me. His hands reach out, rubbing my ass cheeks. Closing my eyes I’m already fighting back a moan. One of his thumbs rings the rim of my ass while the free hand slips lower, spreading my folds. He finds me already soaking wet as he slides two fingers into me. I let him get going, thrusting in and out with his fingers just like I told him to do, before I begin to rock with his motions. Forward and back we’re moving, building up momentum. Soon, sooner than I want, my body is beginning to spasm as I try to hold back my climax.

Knowing my body and recognizing the state I’m in, Clark removes his fingers and replaces it with one push of his cock. He buries himself and holds it there while he pulls me up so I’m kneeling with him. One of his hands grabs a breast, squeezing so tight I think it might pop. He gives the nipple a pinch and my body flinches. I hear him chuckle softly against my ear.

That free hand slithers down my stomach, over my belly button, then to the sweet spot, my little nub. Three of his fingers, two still wet from being inside me, slowly press down and move in circles.

I can’t help it. I cry out.

Shh!” He says in my ear as his hips begin to rock. I feel his teeth nibbling at my earlobe and I bite my lip.

He moves like a piston, taking me for an incredible ride. There’s nothing but he and I. No toys. No Mia. No ropes. No gag. Nothing to hit with. Just me and him. It’s nice to go back to the basics, to strip away all the extras every once in awhile. After all, sex can be just as hot and satisfying if it’s just two people going at it. That’s exactly what this is.

Sarah?” He’s panting, he’s on edge. He says my name in a whisper but it’s also a plea, his tongue flicking at my ear.

My body is on fire. I’ve forgotten everything except what he’s doing to me. His cock shoving in and pulling back over and over. His fingers pleasing my sensitive spot. His hand groping my breast. But I wait, holding back for a little bit longer. It takes everything I have to build a mental wall that keeps my orgasm from bursting out of me. I’m trembling in his arms, gritting my teeth.

Come on, Sarah…” he says.

Then he says it.


I smile and let go. My entire body freezes and I whimper as my pussy clenches around his cock. He stops moving, too, and as my climax hits so does his, just a fraction after. He’s followed my rules. Barely.

I can accept that.

His hands move away from their designated zones and wrap around my waist, holding me to him while we wring out the last drops of our release.

Thank you,” he whispers against cheek. A shiver runs up my spine and he chuckles breathlessly. He lowers us down to the now soaked blanket and wraps us up in it, his cock still inside me. Before we fall asleep in each others arms he finds his phone, conveniently located in his nearby pants, and sets the alarm.

We definitely don’t want any of his family members to come searching for us.

I tilt my head back and whisper. “Set it for early. You get morning wood and I’ll suck you dry.” It’s naughty but I’m in a naughty mood.

He changes the time and I smile, snuggling back against him.

I love our visits to the farm.


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