Sarah Swallows: A 4th of July Holiday Encounter


The night before they head to the farm for 4th of July Clark surprises Sarah with a night of bondage, spanking, toys, and their homemade sex tape.

Another holiday means another visit to Clark’s family farm. I sip my coffee and think back to the last holiday, to Easter. He’d tied me to a tree, played with me, then fucked me once he let me down. Then, later, while we were supposed to be taking a nap, I made him lap up my juices from a spoon I’d taken from his mother’s kitchen. Chuckling, I put my empty cup in the sink beside his. He had his breakfast over an hour ago and is off doing something out of the house. I have some shopping to do before tomorrow. We’ll be leaving for 4th of July on the farm early in the morning and I don’t want to stop anywhere along the way for missed items.

Getting dressed I leave the apartment, returning four or five hours later. When I do my home isn’t the way I left it. The living room has been taken over. Arching a brow I set down my bags, glad they don’t contain anything requiring refrigeration, and move farther in. There are full length mirrors arranged in a circle around the coffee table, all facing each other.

One of the mirrors is crooked. I reach out to move it, to step inside the circle, when Clark says my name. My body whips around. He’s standing in the doorway to the bedroom, an ornery grin on his face.

You’re just in time,” he says. I walk over to stand in front of him, my hands flat on his chest.

What’s all this?” I ask. His grin gets wider.

Something fun.”

What kind of fun?”

He lowers his head and plants a kiss on my forehead. “The kind of fun you’ll love. I can guarantee every single inch of you will love it.”

I smile, already feeling my panties growing wet.

I’m just about set up. Go in, shower, and come out naked.”

I nod. “Any other specifics?” I ask.

Tie up your hair. I don’t want it getting in the way,” he says.

Anything else?”

He chuckles. “No. Now hurry up and get it done.” His voice takes on an authoritative tone as he slips into his sexually dominating persona. I nod one more time then march off to the shower.

When I return there are candles lit, the flickering flames casting shadows throughout the room. While it’s still afternoon the sky is dark as clouds threaten to spill rain. Clark has closed the blinds, making it even darker inside our small apartment.

One of the mirror is turned in and I see him poke his head around it. “Come this way,” he orders. I walk through the small opening and am startled to find that he’s staged an entire scene. There are ropes tied to the coffee table. His laptop sits on the floor, open, up against one of the mirrors. I spy the ball gag and his mother’s spoon. I smile. I stole the spoon, sneaking it into my bags when we were packing.

My eyes lift and I look at him questioningly. He says nothing, taking my hand and pulling me to him. Wrapping his arms around my waist he kisses me, tongue pressing past my lips. We continue to let our tongues play until we’re forced to separate in so we can catch our breath. I can feel his cock throbbing against my skin. For a moment I think of dropping to my knees, of taking him into my mouth and sucking him off, but before I can decide in favor of doing so he’s stepping away and tugging me along with him. Putting his hands on my hips he maneuvers me around behind the coffee table. Pushing down he makes me drop to my knees.

Give me your hands,” he tells me.

I reach out and he takes first one and then the other, tying a rope around each wrist securing me to the table. When he tugs on it I’m pulled forward, forced to lie on my stomach with my breasts flat along the shiny surface of the coffee table. Tender nipples slide along the waxed and lacquered wood. I let out a soft whimper.

Clark runs his hand from the top of my head, down my spine, and stops only when he’s found my ass. I can’t look back, not easily from the position I’m in. He picks up something. My mind moves through the possibilities but there are too many. I can’t be prepared for every situation. I hold my breath and am thankful for it the moment the anal beads start slipping into my puckered ass. It’s a tight fit and the sensation is one that gives me a great deal of pleasure. He slowly pushes one bead in at a time and then, once they’re all in, he pulls them back out. I gasp, crying out at the sudden loss.

He chuckles and repeats the process. I can feel my juices running down my legs, my clit quivering for his touch.

The third time he puts in the beads he leaves them in. He comes around and kneels beside my head. He’s still naked, his cock still hard. It’s right there and I lick my lips at the prospect of putting my mouth to his tender flesh. But he has other ideas. “Open your mouth,” he tells me. I do and am rewarded with the insertion of the ball gag. One of my favorite toys, I’m more than happy to have it in my mouth.

Now I want you to watch,” he says. I raise an eyebrow as he turns on the laptop. I’d forgotten it was there. He hits a few keys and then, before me, plays a video. It’s Mia and me. We’re on the bed and she’s eating me out as if between my legs is a feast put before a starving woman. The volume starts low but he turns it up. I watch as my body writhes under her attention, hear myself making all sorts of noises. I remembers that day well. It wasn’t too long ago.

Do you remember this?” Clark asks. I nod. “The feel of her tongue in your hole, her nose burying itself in your folds? Your body loves to be touched by beautiful women.” I nod again.

He moves back behind me.

What about this?” He asks, a surprising smack to my ass by the wooden spoon catches me off guard. My body jerks, startled. “Do you like when I do this?”

I nod, grunting around the gag. My eyes are riveted to the screen, to the recording.

Keep watching,” he says as he spanks me, his hand coming down with ever increasing strength. My ass throbs, each cheek no doubt pink and raw.

I continue to watch and soon the scene changes. Mia is done licking and sucking my pussy. She rises to her knees. Mia, always a sexy woman, is wearing a strap-on and she wields it with skill. Even now, I’m turned on by the sight of it. Clark uses this instant, when I’m distracted, to cease his spanking so he can shove his cock into my entrance. He times it so that he’s thrusting into me in time with the woman on the video. The anal beads are still inserted, adding a depth to the sensation that I’ve never known.

My arms strain at my bonds but they’re tight. I can’t stop watching the video but I moan around the gag. In the corner of my eyes I can see our reflections in the mirrors. He’s fucking me from behind having tied me down and made me his toy.

Come for me,” I hear Mia say on the video. I watch as the taller, long haired woman pumps the fake cock into the dripping pussy before me. My real pussy clenches around Clark’s real cock. He groans and begins to thrust harder, his balls swinging and slapping as he does.

The Sarah in the video does indeed come, the orgasm taking that other Sarah fast and hard as the other woman fucks her. I respond in kind, pushing back against the cock that’s impaling my pussy like a hurricane on steroids. My juices squirt out, making squishing noises as he continues to ride me. Small splashes and droplets fly, hitting the mirrors behind and around us.

In the video the women trade places. It was my turn to wear the strap on.

Reeling from my orgasm, I remember how it felt wearing it. The strength, the control. I liked being in charge and making Mia my own. My body tingles as I watch the screen, my own performance, glad again that we’d filmed it. My body wishes Mia was here now, that I could lick her pussy and suck on her nipples. Clark would fuck her from behind, would replace me with Mia, tying her up and gagging her. Mia would like it.

I expect him to be near completion but before he can release he pulls out of me. Air rushes in, taking his place, and I inhale sharply through my nose. I’m sad for the loss, wishing instantly he were back inside me. He removes my anal beads, pulling them quickly out, my body trembling, and I whimper.

You like those, don’t you?” He asks.

I nod and mumble an Mmhmm around the gag.

Do you want me to put them back in?”

Shoving my ass back towards him I make it obvious that I do.

Slowly he puts the beads back in but these are different. These are larger. My eyes widen as he pushes them past my pucker one by one, filling my anal cavity completely. Every movement causes them to adjust.


I have something else for you, too,” he tells me.

Ben Wa balls. I feel him slip them past my pussy’s entrance and push them deeply in. I’ve used them before, even practiced wearing them around the house. I moan, wiggling my hips so I can feel the unique sensation they create inside me.

Hold them in,” he demands. That shouldn’t be hard. I say a silent prayer thanking the universe for my previous experience, limited as it might be.

Once he has them in and I’m focused on playing solo, he stands and makes his way around to the front of me. He lets the video continue to play, knowing it lasts for hours. Squatting, he removes my gag. I stretch my jaw and lick my lips, lifting my head so I can look up at him. He’s grinning down at me.

We’re not done,” he tells me.

Lowering himself to his knees in front of me he takes his cock in hand and trails the tip of it over my lips. It’s sticky from being inside me, coated with my come. My tongue flicks out over the head, tasting his pre-come. He’s near to bursting but he’s taking his time. Opening wide I tilt my head and wait.

He chuckles.

Ready to take me in?” He asks.

Uh-huh,” I gargle, my mouth still open. One hand holds his cock and the other grabs the back of my head. Pushing the pair together he buries himself deep enough for the tip to touch the back of my throat. His free hand joins the other. I fight the urge to gag while he holds himself still. He doesn’t move until I’m settled. Then he throat fucks me with all the strength he has. He continues to hold my head, using the leverage, his fingers gripping my hair. The table begins to bounce, we’re moving so hard and fast. There’s a noise coming from me, vibrating against his dick, which only enhances his pleasure.

The beads and balls inside me are forced to move with me and soon I’m coming again, squirting my juices everywhere. He watches and smiles, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he buries himself one more time in my mouth and lets go.

Over and over he pumps his wad into my mouth. I try to swallow every drop but there’s so much it explodes around the seams and dribbles down my chin. When he’s done he pulls out of me and flops to the ground, spent. His body is still as I watch the laptop still playing our home movie. Licking my lips and my chin to the best of my ability I am enthralled by the threesome that’s going on.

Clark is doing me doggie style while Mia is focused on touching, teasing, and playing with every part of us. There are more moans, groans, and even a scream as both of us release.

Mia laughs and we three lie down together, snuggling close. We’re coated with come, sweat, and saliva but we’re happy.

I smile, glancing over at Clark who’s still lying on the floor, cock flaccid.

My throat is raw but I do my best to squeak out an “I love you.”

Lifting his head he smiles over at me. “I love you, too. When I can walk again I’ll let you loose.”

Mmhmm,” I say. “Unless you want to fuck me again.” His brow arches and that grin returns.

I just might.” He rises to his elbows. “Or, I just might give Mia a call.”

My eyes light up.

Clark chuckles. “Mia it is.”

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