Lunch Hour Request: The Naughty Professor – Encounter 7


During Sam’s lunch hour, a nerdy student describes what he’d like to do to her then the pair have sex on her desk while Jared secretly watches.

I finish my lecture with a reminder to have their papers in to me by Monday, dropped off in my office’s mail slot. They file out and this time I don’t stand by the door. Usually I do so that I can sneak in the occasional pet, cop a feel, or overall just enjoy the closeness of all those bodies. So many men and women I’d love to fuck that pay to come sit in a class with me. It’s funny and sweet at the same time.

Ms. Spring?”

I look up. It’s Tyler, a man in his late twenties. He’s smarter than most of the others and hasn’t yet asked a question. Needless to say I’m surprised.

Smiling, I lean back against my desk and cross my arms. My large breasts rise, threatening to spill out of their confines, my cleavage as deep as it is wide. His eyes flicker downward, doing exactly what I want them to do. “Yes? What can I do for you?”

I don’t know,” he says, sounding completely unsure of himself. His eyes dart towards the door and then back to my tits.

You don’t know?”

Flustered, he takes a deep breath. I’ve never seen him like this. It’s a bit unnerving. At the same time his unease has me turned on. “Just tell me. I haven’t got all day.” I gesture to my right, to a paper bag. “The next class will be showing up in just over an hour and it’s lunchtime.” It’s abnormal for me to eat in the classroom but today I didn’t feel like going back to my office. I sure wasn’t going home either. There is a chance Jared will be there and I don’t want to see him. I’ve been avoiding him for days. After the threesome with Leah I backed off. Sex is more than good with him and sex is a good half of what I live for but his intensity, and what he does to me, isn’t something I really want back in my life. Not right now at least. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

He takes a couple more deep breaths then steps closer. Straightening, rising to his full height which isn’t much taller than me, he finally blurts out. “I want to have sex with you.”

I blink.

I’ve had plenty of men and women put their wants and desires simply but for some reason this young man’s earnest statement seems particularly desperate.

Is that so?” I ask.

He nods, squaring his shoulders and dropping his backpack off to the side. “I know that’s what you do. Everybody knows it. I’ve been thinking about you from that first day and I want to have sex with you.”

I tilt my head and look at him. “Say please,” I demand.

It’s his turn to blink. “Please?”

I grin and uncross my arms, hopping up onto the desk and making sure to spread my legs. I’m wearing a shorter skirt so I know from where he stands he can see the barest glimpse of my pussy. It’s a tease I love to employ. I lean forward, hands on the desk. My breasts swing down and I give him a good long look. I give him a once over before settling on watching his eyes.

Tell me what you want to do to me,” I say.

What?” He asks, stepping back.

I chuckle. “If you want to fuck me then I want you to tell me exactly what you want to do to me. Be explicit. I know you can because I know just how well you can write.”

Wow,” he says. “Okay.”

Clearing his throat he takes a deep breath and begins. “I want to have sex with you. I want to take off your clothes and -”

I hop off the desk and cross the distance between us. Taping his chest with one finger and driving him backwards I speak more deeply and with authority. “No. I want you to tell me in detail what you want to do to me. Details.”

He nods, glancing down at my finger and then back up. “Okay. Okay. I can do that.”

I shake my head and go back to my desk. Instead of retaking my seat on its top I go around and grab the rolling chair. I pull it around to the front of the desk and sit, Tyler directly in front of me. I gesture for him to go on.

Getting comfortable I listen as he begins, “I want to take off your clothes. Slowly. Making sure my fingers brush against your breasts, teasing the nipples. My hands will caress your skin from shoulders to wrists and then from hips to ankles.”

He’s good. I lick my lips, uncrossing then crossing my legs, pulling my skirt up so he can watch my pussy grow wet as he talks. Reaching up I take the pins out of my hair, letting the bun collapse into sexy waves. Tyler watches and I can see the bulge in his pants announcing clear as day how horny he is.

Go on,” I tell him as I run my fingers through my hair. After shaking out the strands I return to listening.

My tongue will lick around your nipple before I take it into my mouth and suckle at it. My tongue will flick its hardness and my teeth will roll it around.”

He’s growing bolder the more he speaks. At first he continually glances towards the door, obviously concerned we’ll be interrupted. Then, as time goes on, he focuses only on me, pacing as he builds up momentum describing his proposed sexual act.

I want him. I want him to do to me everything he says. My body aches for him to touch me but I wait. I want to hear the rest of the story. He hasn’t been one of my conquests, not before now. Nerdy can be my type, if I had a particular type, but he’s never stood out beyond his brain. Not that I haven’t slept with plenty of intellectuals. I have. I just have the pick of the litter here at the college and this man has been pretty far down on the totem pole.

I want to make you moan as I give you all the attention you deserve. When I’m done with your breasts I’ll move to your mouth, kissing you with fervor and adoration. I’ll be strong and passionate, harsh and wicked, in my pursuit. Our tongues will play tag as I try to devour you. My hands will stray to your waist then to your butt cheeks. I’ll squeeze them, tugging lightly at first then growing more ferocious. When I think I’ve given that part of your anatomy enough attention I’ll step away and remove my clothes. My cock will be hard and long, pulsing as it waits impatiently for me to put it inside you.”

He pauses and steps closer. I can see the sweat on his brow. He’s telling a good story and I’m impressed he’s wanting to fuck me that badly.

Everything I’ve described so far we’ll do while we’re still standing but once I’m naked I’ll take a seat on that chair you’re sitting in. I’ll sit and you’ll climb onto my lap.”

I’m breathing heavily, picturing everything he’s describing in vivid detail. Part of me wants to stop him, to dive right into the sex, but this is something I rarely experience and I’m going to eek out every drop I can.

I’ll help you rise up until you’re positioned right above the tip of my dick and, guided, you’ll lower yourself down until I’m all the way in, buried balls deep inside you.”

I lick my lips and stifle a moan. He’s got skills. I wonder if he should better put his education to use as an erotic writer. Tyler’s eyes don’t leave me as he takes a step closer. He knows I want to fuck him. He can see it.

My eyes catch sight of movement near the rear entrance to the room. Someone’s joined us. For a moment my heart freezes. Being caught in the act can be a good or bad thing all depending on who it is that makes the discovery. A peeping tom can be a hot lover if you know who it is. This man doesn’t try to hide, though. It’s Jared. I watch as he takes a seat near the back of the room. Tyler is so intent on telling me his story that he doesn’t notice.

This development adds fuel to the fire. It’s Jared’s turn to watch as I fuck someone else. Turnabout is fair play after all.

Up and down you’ll go until you wrap your arms around me and squirt a waterfall between your legs. I’ll shoot my come inside you and there’ll be so much it comes out, too. You’ll tremble in my arms and beg me for more.”

I wasn’t sure about that last part. “I don’t usually beg,” I tell him.

You might,” he tells me.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Jared stifle a chuckle.

Do you think it’ll go exactly like you said?” I ask him.

Maybe,” he answers. “Maybe not. Either way you’ll like it and I know what I said turned you on.”


He nods and steps closer. “Yeah.” Pausing, he takes a deep breath and offers me his hand. “So? Have sex with me?”

I take his hand, letting him pull me up and into his arms. Wrapping my arms around his neck I kiss him. He growls into the kiss, hungry for what I have to offer. I’m just as hungry for what he has to give. We kiss for a bit, my hips grinding against him, enticing his bulge to grow ever tighter. “You’re so hot,” he whispers into my ear as he nibbles at my neck. His hands move up and down my body a few times, exploring, before he pulls away just enough to make removing my clothing easier. Once he has me naked he lets out a whistle. “Way better than I imagined.”

Chuckling I reach out for his pants. He grabs my hand and says, “That’s not the way I described it.”

I don’t care. I want you to fuck me. I want you to take that hard dick in hand, guide it into me, and fuck me so hard I have to bite my tongue to keep from screaming loud enough other classes hear me,” I tell him. I kick the chair away and scoot back to the desk.

He goes ahead and undoes his pants, letting them drop as he shuffles over to me. Not bothering to remove them completely he grabs me by my ass cheeks, lifts me up, and angles me just right so he can spear me. In it goes and I grab for him. Holding onto my waist with both hands while I hold onto his shoulders he sets a nearly impossible pace.

It feels good. Damn good. He’s thicker than most and fills me completely, spreading my pussy in just the right way.

My eyes move away from the man on top of me to Jared. He sits there, eyes riveted to the sight of another man having sex with me. He’s seen it before. This scenario isn’t new. Our sex lives have always included other people. Monogamy just isn’t a part of who we are. I watch as he leans back in the chair he’s on, just enough to put his hand on his own bulge. He rubs his hardness through the fabric, the best hand job he can give himself in the confined space.

I watch him as Tyler moves in and out of me. What he’s doing to himself only adds to what I’m feeling, which is no doubt his intention. I don’t want to watch him. I don’t want to be focused on him constantly. I can’t be. I turn my eyes away, to my student. He’s sweating and grunting, near the edge. Lifting myself I find his lips and kiss him as he fucks me. He groans as I moan into the kiss and then he’s letting go. He thrusts one more time and does just as he said he would. He fills me up to overflowing. The feeling of his come hitting my depths makes me shudder and it’s my turn to climax.

I’m panting and shivering when we’re done. He pulls out of me, breaking the suction and releasing our juices out onto the desk and down its side. After helping me down he steps back, pulls up his pants, and buckles. His eyes are gentle and hesitant as he looks at me. “I didn’t know if you’d really do it,” he says.

I smile as I dress myself. “I’m full of surprises,” I tell him.

Yeah. You are.” He pauses, looking at me.

What?” I ask.

I thought they were lying about how good the sex with you would be,” he tells me.

I chuckle. “Now you know.”

He nods and grabs his bag from where he tossed it earlier. He gestures to the door nearest us. “I’m gonna go. Okay? Leave you to your lunch?”

I nod and he leaves, a flush still on his cheeks and his hair a mess. I chuckle, watching him leave. Clapping from the back of the classroom gets my attention. Turning towards it I see Jared standing there. He’s clapping slow and steady.

That was a good show. You really do have it made here,” he says.

His hard on is gone. He’s gotten off watching us.

You weren’t supposed to be here,” I tell him.

But I was and you liked it that way.” He walks towards me.

No. I didn’t. You can’t be a part of everything.” I pause then add quietly, “You can’t be my everything. I can’t revolve around you.”

Sam.” I hear him but I’m walking out the door, leaving him behind. I’ve got to think.

As the door slams shut I realize I left my lunch behind on the desk. I won’t go back for it.

Take out it is.

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