The Tense Issue – Implementing changes in my work


Amelia Black talks about her issue with past tense and how it jumped ship on her quickies.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got to change the way I write. Not completely. Just the tense. And not for all my works, just for some.

You see, I’ve been writing most of my work in past tense. Always have. Whether it’s first person (as in the quickies) or third person (as in the short stories) I’ve stuck with good old past tense. The only exception is the Sensations series which I’ve written in present tense from the beginning. In fact that entire series came into being because I wanted to experiment with writing present tense!

Let me admit something to you, my readers and followers. I have a tense problem. The problem is that I struggle with staying in my chosen preference- past tense. In editing I discover that I tend to hop around, back and forth, like a bunny on steroids. Well, to be honest it isn’t that bad but it feels like it from a frustrated writer perspective.

I can’t have that. I can’t do that to my readers or myself.

Now I’m loving the way the Sensations sound. I didn’t think I could love present tense but it seems more personal and more seductive. It works. So I’ve decided to write all my quickies, every series, in present tense.

But not the short stories. Those I’m going to keep as they are. For now. Since I’m aware of my problem it’ll just mean a bit more editing is necessary – a closer look before I click the upload button.

The same goes for my upcoming Romance novel. Present tense just didn’t seem to fit so I’m sticking with past tense for it as well. I think you’ll enjoy it much better that way.

Currently I have no plans for updating my already published work. I apologize if it’s a bit awkward to have the tense switch mid-series. Hopefully in doing this I will give you guys a better reading experience.

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