A Special Gift: The Naughty Professor – Encounter 6


Professor Spring decides to give Jared a gift. After all, it’s nice to share, isn’t it? She has no doubt all of them will enjoy it, especially Leah.

Jared is puttering around in my kitchen. I refuse to let him stay here but somehow he still ends up sleeping over most nights. It’s been two weeks since he surprised me, catching me masturbating in the bathroom. We’re not dating. I won’t do that again no matter how much he might want me to. I like my freedom. I like my life. So that leaves us as lovers.

That I can do.

I slip my arms around his waist and kiss that sweet spot between his shoulder blades.

Scrambled?” He asks.

Just coffee,” I tell him. “I’m not so much of a breakfast person.”

Like hell you’re not. That must be something new because before, when we were together, you gobbled up my breakfast in bed. Devoured might even be a better word for it. Like a lioness eating a gazelle.”

I roll my eyes, let go of him, and head towards the coffee maker. I grab the cup he’s set beside it, my plain medium-sized, black mug and pour myself some of the bitter liquid. Taking a slow sip I savor the taste. It’s perfect.

Just coffee,” I tell him again. My eyes wander over his half naked body. He’s wearing only his boxers which are loose and hanging down low on his hips. I stare at him over the lip of my cup, thinking about last night. And the night before. And the night before that. Deep inside I want him gone but my body betrays me. Even now my nipples are hard and my pussy thrumming. While my mind knows he’s not good for me, my body just wants him to bend me over the table and fuck me until I can’t move.

What’s on your mind?” He asks. Shaking my head I refocus back to right now. He’s moved, now standing in front of me. His hands come out to rest on my hips. “Thinking about me?” He asks as he leans in for a kiss. I block him with my cup, grinning behind it.

No,” I tell him. I wonder if my cheeks betray me. I’m not usually a blusher but this man does strange things to me. In some ways he makes me feel like a blossoming teen rather than an early-thirties college professor.

It’s his turn to shake his head and he does so as he walks away, returning to the stove. The bacon smells delicious but now I don’t dare tell him I want some. I don’t like to let him win. At anything.

I’ve got a study group coming over tonight. A few students I let use my dining room.”

He glances my way and arches a brow. “Study group?”

I nod and he turns back to the food, using tongs to dish up the crispy strips.

Any of them students you’re fucking?” He asks, not looking my way.

I’m not surprised. He knows me better than anyone else in the world. I take another sip of my coffee and answer, “Yes. Two of them actually.”

Male? Female?” He takes the food to the bar and gestures for me to take a seat, my sex life now the topic of conversation.

I sit but leave the food untouched.

One of each,” I tell him as he digs into the food. He’s always been a man with a large appetite. My eyes roam and I see he’s got a hard on. I smile and add some details to get him hot and bothered. “She’s sexy and tastes delicious. I let her up her grade with some extracurricular activities. He’s devoted, an athlete with abs to die for.” I watch as his dick rises further. I like having this control over him.

An idea pops in my head. “Be here. When they come over. Be here and I’ll introduce you to her.”

He doesn’t look my way but pauses mid-bite for half a second longer than necessary. I know he’s intrigued. I have him. I slip off the stool and step over to him, putting my hand on the bulge in his shorts. I give it a squeeze and he softly groans.

His head swivels and our faces are inches apart. I look up at him and he lowers his mouth to mine, giving me a gentle kiss. He tastes like bacon and I’m left licking the flavor off my lips while he answers.

I’ll be here.”

I leave him there eating his breakfast while I ready myself for work. He occupies his day however he sees fit and isn’t there when I come home. During office hours I’d let a freshman pleasure me, a nerdy thing who’d obviously been with very few, if any, women. Whatever he might have been lacking in sexual experience, however, was overshadowed by what he could do with his tongue. It’d licked every inch of my pussy and left me begging for more. I made sure to pencil Oscar’s name in for bi-weekly meetings.

Snacks are set out and the drinks ready by the time the study group begins to arrive. Todd shows up first, always the over-achiever. He has his books open and is busy reading within minutes of walking through the door. Lyle, on the other hand, lingers in the hallway when he arrives. I shut the door and step over to him, pulling on his shirt to bring him closer. I kiss him, thrusting my tongue between his lips, and moan as I press my body to him. His cock starts to make itself known before I’m through with him. I grin, give him a peck on the cheek, and send him into the dining room, his face flushed and breathing ragged.

Then there’s Leah. She’s the last to arrive and I’m waiting for her. I open the door and watch her come in. Our eyes meet and I wiggle my finger at her. She obliges me and crosses the distance between us, dropping her backpack to the floor. Bold, she puts one hand on my waist and the other on my breast. I inhale deeply and smile at her. Placing one hand on her waist I let the back of the other caress her cheek. There are plenty of students I have sex with. Leah is one of my regulars. She’s beautiful and my body responds to her proximity immediately.

As she plays with my breast I stifle a moan and put my lips close to her ear. “I have a treat for you,” I whisper. When I pull away I see her eyes are wide, full of curiosity, and her breathing is a bit heavier.

Will I like it?” She asks.

I step away completely, our hands falling away from each other, and nod. “Yeah. You’ll like it a lot. Go study for about an hour and then I’ll call you away. Okay?”

She nods and does as she’s told. I watch her walk away, her tight ass sensually rocking as she sashays around the corner. I almost drool I want her so badly. But she’s not mine. Not tonight. I’ve promised her to Jared. That, in itself, offers its own kind of ecstasy.

The door opens and I jump, knocked out of my reverie. Jared chuckles as he shuts the door. “Didn’t mean to startle you. Lost in your own thoughts, huh?”

I smile. “Thinking of what I wish I was doing to Leah right about now.”

She’s the one I get to play with?” He asks.

I nod. “Yeah.”

He takes my hand and gives it a squeeze. “It’s like old times isn’t it, Sam?”

Turning my eyes toward the gesture I stare for a second or two before pulling my hand away. “It is and it isn’t.”

He grins. “Oh it is. You’re going to watch, every second of it, just like you use to do.” He pushes me back against the closed door. Running his hands up my sides he stops at my breasts and gives them a tight squeeze. His knee presses between my legs and I can feel my body instantly responding, growing wet with anticipation. He takes my lower lip between his teeth and pulls. I can’t help it. I moan, reaching out and putting my hands on his chest. My breath becomes ragged and when he’s about to step away I pull him back.

Tell me,” he says.

I nod and do what he says. “I’ll watch while you fuck her, Jared. Like old times if you want.”

Another smile and he’s turning away, leaving me nearly in a puddle, my sex drive in overload. “This is why I had to come back. I wish you could get that through your pretty little head.” He disappears around the corner and I hear him introducing himself to my guests. I straighten myself up, make myself presentable, and follow after him.

I wish them well on their studying and go into my home office. Jared follows me, his eyes on me as he does so. When we’re alone again he takes a seat on the loveseat at the far side of the room. I take my place at the desk, pulling out some papers to grade. I can feel him watching me, sizing me up, imagining me in the throes of an orgasm. It’s unnerving and leaves me dribbling between my legs, aching for him to touch me. Keeping my eyes on the clock I’m overjoyed when I find it’s been an hour.

Time to get Leah.

Standing in the doorway to the dining room I interrupt their current conversations. “Leah?”

She looks up towards me, confused at first then recognition as she remembers our earlier conversation. “Yeah?” She asks.

Come with me, please. I’ve got to talk to you about one of your essays if I can borrow you for a few minutes.” She glances between the guys who shrug. I can see them exchange a knowing look but don’t say anything. This is par for the course. It’s well known I have sex with students.

Alright,” she says and follows me back to my office, her eyes on my ass the entire way.

I hold the door open then shut it as she steps into the center of the room. At first she doesn’t notice Jared. He’s moved to the corner, stripped off his shirt, and has his belt hanging undone.

You have a treat for me?” Asks Leah. She’s got on a short skirt, short enough if she bends over I can see her nice round cheeks. She’s worn it before, many times, to my class. Her shirt is barely a shirt, not covering much. Breasts heaving it’s obvious she’s getting excited. I can smell the scent of her already. Licking my lips I nod.

I do.” I look past her, to Jared. He steps toward her and just before he reaches her the floor creaks. She turns in surprise, just in time for him to take her in his arms. I can hear her inhale as he looks down at her.

Hello there,” he says. I move to my desk and take a seat. I’m no longer needed, relegated to spectator. “Hi,” she says, her voice quiet. His mouth lowers to hers and they share a kiss. I exhale slowly as he reaches down and picks her up, carrying her over to the loveseat. I watch as he deposits her on the cushions and, as she looks up at him, drops his pants. His cock is engorged, ready for her. I know I shouldn’t but I picture the pair of us ladies licking it, playing with it, his hands in our hair as we pleasure him. Leaning back I shove both my hands into my pants. The fingers of one hand plays with my clit and the other moves in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

Still I watch them. Leah reaches out, wrapping her hand around his cock and giving it a few quick jerks. I hear Jared groan and grit my teeth, my body on fire, aching.

For me?” She asks him and he nods in return, lifting her hand off his member. He takes both of her wrists in one large hand and holds them above her head. His free hand lifts up her skirt. As usual she has no panties on. Wet, she’s more than ready as he plunges his shaft into her depths. I see her eyes flutter as he thrusts forward over and over again.

Oh my god!” She yells as his free hand reaches down to finger her clit just as I’m doing to my own. I picture myself as her, that I’m the one he’s fucking, and suddenly I climax, spilling my juices out over my hand and into my sweats.

I must have made a louder noise than I thought because Leah turns to look at me. We share a glance and, panting, I smile. She smiles, too, as she whimpers and moans beneath my lover. I can’t take my eyes off of them. I’d love to join in but I told him I’d watch. So I watch. Still horny, still hot and aching, I watch.

Yes.. Yeah… Yes..” She’s about to release. I know her body intimately, after all, and can tell.

There you go, climax for me. Come on girl, give it up,” says Jared, increasing his pace. His hand leaves her clit and joins the other. He’s holding her down with both hands while fucking her.

When her orgasm hits she lifts her head and wraps her legs around his waist. She’s trembling, rocking left and right while trying to fold herself in half. Jared buries himself into her one last time before he, too, crosses the finish line. He comes, overfilling her, his hot sticky seed gurgling out around the seal they’ve made.

Oh, god,” says Leah, finally opening her eyes. She looks up at him and then over to me. There are questions in her eyes but satisfaction, too.

I stand up and walk over to them, hoping my own come doesn’t drip down my legs. I kneel and take one of her hands as he releases them. “What was that?” She asks me, her voice soft and quiet.

I smile. “I wanted to give you something special. This is Jared.”

Hi,” she says, looking up at him.

Hi,” he says, his cock still inside her.

Want to join in?” He asks me.

Blinking, I smile. “I thought you’d never ask.”

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