My New Adventure with Patreon


What is Patreon, and what does it have to do with hot, steamy stories at Beyond Virtue? Read more to find out!

I’m very excited to announce that this website/blog is now supported via Patreon. What does that mean? Well, to start with it means changes in the structure of how I do things and in how you can interact with my work. Don’t worry… it’s all good!

First off I’ll be putting my quickies up on here – usually 2-3 new ones a week. Once I’ve posted enough in a series to warrant the next compilation published to Amazon (the # depends on the series & ranges from 3-5) I’ll give it about a full month of being on my site before I upload it for publishing. Don’t worry, the stories won’t disappear from the site. They’ll still be here. Once a compilation goes Live you’ll be able to purchase it – though it won’t be on KU (restrictions on epublishing work that’s already been published in any form– even if it’s free on a website).

There will be more than stories on the website, too. Blog posts. Poetry. Musings. Things like that will randomly appear. I think you’ll find lots of fun things to keep you occupied and coming back to visit me.

Please, use the link below (or the one at the top right corner of this website) to find out all about the rewards you can get for supporting me as a patron. 

Just to entice you, here’s one of the rewards for becoming a patron (dependent on pledging a certain amount or higher per month). Entries into the monthly raffle. The more you pledge, the more entries you get!

The initial prize? A 2,000+ story written just for and sent to the winner.

If you like my writing wouldn’t it be cool to own a story of your very own, a one of a kind? *smiles*

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