From Fireside to Tent: Sensations #6


She’s wanted to have sex with that hot redhead for almost a year.  Tonight’s the night the two of them are going to rock the tent.

Working for a youth center keeps me busy most of the year. Save a week or so off I can almost always be found on the grounds of the camp. We’re located just outside the city, on a large spread of land that offers plenty of space for camping, whether in the cabins or in a tent. It’s private and perfect for the kids to experience nature without having to pay a shit-ton of money to get there. I’ve been a part of things for the last six years, ever since I chose to leave college and get a real job. This one fell into my lap courtesy of a family friend on the center’s Board of Directors.

Not that I’m complaining. It’s an easy job and I really do like the kids. They have fun. I have fun. We all win.

Right now we don’t have any kids on the property. We’re just cleaning things up and doing some reorganizing before the next big group comes in a couple days from now. I should be raking but I suck at it. Mostly because I’m splitting my attention between a guy and my job and that split is far from being fifty-fifty.

I can’t help but find my eyes constantly drawn to Liam. I seriously can’t help it. It’s like there are magnets in my eyes and on his ass and they’re just trying to hold their connection. A sexy red-haired man who can actually grow a beard, he’s been on staff for about a year. From the first time I saw him I wanted to take him back behind one of the buildings and do the nasty. I just haven’t yet. I don’t know what’s stopping me because I’m not a shy woman. I’m bold, determined, and can intimidate with the best of them.

But I haven’t made a move on that man.


Tonight is the night. We’re all going camping. Bonfires. S’mores. Tents. Darkness. Lots of opportunities if I play my cards right to get him in the sack.

Get back to work, Shay! We can’t head out till everyone’s done and I don’t think anyone will appreciate it if you waste most of their day.” My boss, Miss Krieg, points emphatically at the rake that’s barely moving and shakes her head.

I’m not the best employee but I’m one of the most loved by the kids so I kinda balance out in the grand scheme of performance evaluations.

I put a little more effort into raking but still keep my eyes on Liam. He’s fixing a few loose boards on the windows of the main building. It’s sunny and he’s sweating. I can see the sweat stains on his shirt from where I’m at. Unlike the rest of us he isn’t wearing a tank top or even a t-shirt. Cursed by the wrath of the sun god to burn with even a hint of daylight he’s got long sleeves on. It’s a thin material, I can tell that, but he still has to be dying. At least he’s wearing shorts. On his head he’s got a hat, one of those you see fisherman on old television shows wearing. It’s adorable and silly at the same time but he’s never been one to worry about fads or fitting in. He’s his own man. That’s one of the reasons I’m attracted to him.

It doesn’t take nearly as long as I expect to finish with the yard. There really isn’t that much to rake up, just dying grass and some weeds. Done, I head over to the tool shed. I can’t see the object of my sexual desire anymore. He’s moved on, out of my sight, off to do something or another. Like it or not there’s a yearning inside me and it’s growing. I’ve seen him fill out his shorts and I want to see, up close, the package he’s carrying.

Anything else?” I ask Krieg.

Just help make sure everything gets into the truck. Your stuff and everyone else’s,” she says, her attention half on me and half on Talia, another staff member who seems to be trying to clarify some kind of mess up. Boss lady gestures for me to go so I do, happy to be somewhat free to enjoy the rest of the day. And hopefully the night.

I head back to my cabin. I’ve got some preparation to do. I’ve got to scrub myself clean and give myself a trim. We’re in the country so I have no qualms about him seeing me with dirt in my nails or my hair flying wild like I’ve been struck by lightning instead of living at the mercy of high winds. No, he’s seen me at my roughest. If I’m honest with myself I’m not doing this for him as much as I’m doing it for me. Some part of me wants to feel pretty. Not model pretty or prep girl pretty. I wanna be me feeling my best so I can enjoy screwing him so profoundly he’ll not only beg for more but his future self will be calling out my name while spewing his seed into other women. Cruel, and perhaps crude of me, but when I get right down to it I have high standards when it comes to my performance.

My cabin is small, almost as small as one of those tiny houses that’s all the rage right now. There are six of them scattered around the property. I’m lucky because I don’t have to share. I have mine all to myself.

After shutting the door I strip, pulling my sweaty tank top over my head. My large breasts, snug in the material and barely contained by the skimpy bra I’m wearing beneath, catch for a second, bouncing like beach balls when they’re finally set free. I chuckle. I’m a big fan of my boobs. They’re large, far more than a handful, giving my lovers plenty to fondle, nibble, and suck. In fact, they’re large enough that, should I desire to, I can take hold, angle up, and suck on my own nipples. I’ve done it. I’ve climaxed more than once while doing it. It’s surprising how many men like to watch me do it, too.

I’m not sure if Liam is that kind of guy but I’m sure I’ll find out in the long run.

Once naked I step into the small shower and finagle myself into a good position to both shave my legs and my pussy. There isn’t much hair to get rid of but I feel good when my landing strip is smooth. It doesn’t take too long and that’s good. I really do have to help them pack up. I finish my shower, the possibility of hot sex the only thing overcoming my reluctance to leave the stream of hot water cascading down my naked flesh.

I leave my hair to air dry. Outside it shouldn’t take but a few minutes for the shoulder length locks to dry completely and start to curl up. Putting on a bikini top that barely covers the necessary parts and the matching bottom I pause and look at myself in the mirror. Sexy. Hot. Yummy. Liam won’t know what’s coming. Or… he won’t be able to keep himself from coming. I grin, horny thoughts running rampant through my mind.

Slipping on a pair of shorts and throwing on a different tank top, this one two sizes too large, I grab my sandals and head out. It doesn’t take long to get things loaded and soon we’re heading down toward the lake, some walking and some of us riding in the back of the truck. I sit next to Liam, who’s decided to ride. We hit a bump and I use him for support, making sure to leave my hand on his thigh after the threat of being tossed out has passed. He glances down at the physical contact but doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t even look at me after he notices. What a tough nut. I know I’ve put feelers out. I haven’t made a play for him, no, but I’ve flirted a little. Touches. Kind words. Glances his way. Hell, even staring! When the truck pulls to a stop and we go to get out I accidentally slide my hand up his leg, making sure to brush not so gently against his covered cock.

He gasps and I chuckle, hopping over the side. Let him wonder.

I get my tent put up, a small one with just enough room for two. Most have their own. Liam does. I watch him quickly put it up across the camp.

Anyone up for swimming?” I ask, pointedly looking his way.

He looks up and then over at the skyline. The sun is starting to go down. He shrugs and grins. “I’m up for it.”

A few others nod and shout out their approval so we head down to the water’s edge not too far away.

The designated dinner makers stay behind getting out the necessities. Hot dogs with the fixings. Everything for S’mores. Potato chips. All the things you’d find at a picnic. There’s no alcohol, which is disappointing, but understandable. I keep a few bottles of liquor in my little house but that’s all hush hush, on a need to know basis.

I stop a few feet from the water and toss aside my tank top and shorts. The air is almost stifling warm, even in the fading light. My skin is coated with a sheen of sweat, making my skin sparkle. No one else has gone in yet, everyone still disrobing, so I take the plunge.

The water is cold but not one to be cautious I barely pause before diving under. When I come up I see others moving in, some quick like me and others taking their sweet time. I laugh, the sound skimming over the lake, sounding louder than intended. My eyes search the shore and there he is. Liam. His shirt is off and he’s already wearing his swim shorts, knee-length with an abstract pattern of black and blue stripes. I watch while he wades in, also not hesitant. I like it. They’re new.

I swim over and park myself next to him. There’s no one else close by so I know I can get away with what I’m about to do.

With a grin I reach out, letting my fingers brush once again over the cock I’m so anxious to see.

What are you doing?” He asks, narrowing his eyes as he looks at me.

I continue to grin as he backs up about a foot. He arches a brow as I close the distance, reaching out my hands, my fingers lightly gliding along his hips beneath the water. His skin ripples as I touch him, I can feel it.

I’m touching you.” I press myself closer, my tits smashing against his chest. He looks down and his eyes seem to register understanding. When he looks up our eyes meet and I lick my lips. “Do you get it now?”

He nods. “Yeah.”

He’s not standing up so we’re about the same height. I wrap my arms around his neck and put my lips to his ear. I whisper, “Wanna join me in my tent tonight?”

I hear him gulp and feel him nod. “Yeah.”

The others join us at that point so I pull away, leaving him alone and hopefully aching for me until we’re all gathered by the fire, contented after our meal and several rounds of various party games. Liam sits on a log. I sit between his legs, leaning back against him. He’s been feeding me Reese Pieces, my favorite.

One by one everyone goes to bed. We don’t. I stay where I am, waiting. I think he’s letting me take the lead. I can’t imagine he’s had many opportunities to flout the rules the way I plan for us to do tonight. Krieg might suspect. She’s not stupid, after all, but I don’t think she’s going to worry about it when no kids are present.

When I think enough time has gone by I tilt my head back and reach my hand up to touch his face. “Ready?” I ask. He nods, not a man of many words. I smile and stand, taking his hand and leading him over to my tent. Unzipping it I go in first and wait for him to join me before closing it behind us. We sit there for a minute or so, neither of us saying a word. It’s dark and I can only see his outline. That’s a bit of a bummer. I like when they can see my in all my glory. If he’s a good lover we just might have to do this again in the daytime.

It’s no problem for me to take the initiative. I am very enthusiastic in bed. I love sex, love everything about it. But something makes me pause. I wait for him to make the move.

I don’t have to wait long. A little bit of rustling and I feel his hand touch my shoulder. I lean back, the hand sliding down to my bikini clad breast. “Wow,” he says as he starts to play with them. Reaching out I search until I find his other hand and put it on the second melon. I inhale sharply as he stretches out the already tight fabric of the bikini top and pulls it down, exposing my nipples and making my boobs jiggle.

He sighs, letting out a hungry sound. I’ve got him turned on. Good.

I let him play for a bit but eventually I pull away and lie back. My foot pokes at him and he gets the hint. With my legs in the air he pulls my shorts and my bikini bottoms off, tossing them to the side. Naked, I can feel the juices already spilling out of my pussy. I’m wet, hot, and wanting him inside me.

Fuck me,” I whisper.

He leans forward and whispers back, “What?”

Rising onto my elbows I growl, “Fuck me.”

Chuckling he pulls back and I hear him mumble, “Right. Okay.” The tent is small so I can feel him maneuvering to remove his shorts. When he’s done he reaches out and grabs my waist. I smile in surprise when he urges me to turn over onto my belly. I do so and he tugs me up onto all fours.

Unexpected. Doggy style. I can do that.

His hands slide over my ass, only one of them moving down below the cheeks. It’s fingers explore, moving over my labia, nudging at my clit, and poking at my eager entrance. I bite back my moans as I push back against him, swirling my hips. My head down, I close my eyes even though it’s dark. I have to grit my teeth when he finally removes his hand. I hear a sucking sound and my heart clenches. Shivering I picture those fingers in his mouth, moving slowly in and out.

There’s no warning. One instant he’s merely behind me and the next he’s impaling me on his cock. It’s hard and pierces me with a ferocity I didn’t expect him to have. He doesn’t give me time to adapt, to savor it. Instead he pistons in and out, taking hold of my hips so as to move me in concert with him. It’s friction. It’s heat. It feels great.

His pace is amazing, fast, and ferocious. We’re slamming our bodies against each other, heading toward climax, and I can’t help but cry out. Liam leans forward and pulls me up, his dick still penetrating me. One of his hands covers my mouth, silencing me as he fucks me. His other arm wraps around my waist, holding me to him. We’re still in that position when the world shatters and my orgasm rips through my body. My body spasms and I reach my hands back, grabbing at him as I fall to pieces. I think I scratch him but I’m not sure because it’s his turn. He fills me with his hot, sticky come, his body stiff behind me. His arm tightens around me and the one keeping me quiet doesn’t let go.

I feel him move his head, leaning forward to put his mouth beside my ear.

That’s how I fuck,” he says.

Instantly I regret having waited.

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